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thx everyone for your bday wishes =) =)
my EmilyCarr troll buddies :iconranmaru-mori: and :iconrinki: are helping me sell some prints
they are a bit to the left facing the door as you go in the artists' room
and on the left hand side corner are my EmilyCarr troll buddies :iconmikochi: and :iconbettykwong:
and the famous :iconjoodlez:

so check out what stuff they have for sale and have fun =D
ZOOMG.... ok .... jumped from 2k page view to 11,831  Pageviews DXXXX
thats like a holy shiet achievement for me... thanks everyone for support
and i got like 3,019+ messages..... so sorry i wont be able to answer every single one becuz i got projects due -_-
BUT THANKS AGAIN PPL.. made my day...this day is a milestone for me
Just creating an account with my actual name so i can make it google-able :P
my old account is jcevil which can be googled..... so i thought why not my name